This project consisted of the construction of a 30m wide x 90m long bridge over a busy 4 lane divided freeway. Westridge acted as the general contractor and supervised the entire construction of the bridge, including the installation of piling, abutments, wing walls, piers, steel girders, bridge deck, concrete barriers, waterproofing membrane and paving.

Westridge proposed the use of precast concrete panels with a 75mm concrete overlay for the redesign of the bridge deck, creating a cost-savings benefit for the owner. As the panels were done at night, the innovation also caused less traffic disruption, as there were only temporary road closures during the evenings and nights. These closures accumulated to a total of only six nights, as opposed to longer day time closures of 30 days.

Site meetings were held with the consultant on a monthly basis until the completion of the project. Pre-pour meetings with the consultant, supplier and install crew were held prior to major concrete pours.

Client Name:
City of Saskatoon

JC Kenyon Engineering

Delivery Method:
Fixed Price

Project Value:
$1.4 M.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Project Type: