This 41,710 ft2 school was built in the playground of the existing Douglas Park School. Once the new school was complete, the existing school was demolished. Safety played an important role on this project as the existing school remained operational as construction took place on the new school. The building has a structural steel frame work with poured concrete on metal deck on both the main and 2nd floor. Glulam columns and beams were incorporated into all the entries. All floors had in-slab heating lines. Glass panels in the floor, walls and ceiling were incorporated to instruct the children about the schools green design. Exterior finishes included cement board siding, brick and plastic laminate composite panels.

Special features included solar panels, and the re-use of six existing portables. This project was specified as LEED Silver but achieved Gold status

Client Name:
Regina Public Schools

Delivery Method:
Stipulated Price

Project Value:
$17.1 M.

Regina, Saskatchewan