Westridge has spent the last 34 years building solid, fair, and meaningful relationships with the subcontractors that we engage with. We work and live in the same communities as most of our subcontractors, and often sit on the same association boards, where we work together to forward the interests of our industry. Supporting local subcontractors benefits the overall community, and Westridge takes pride in furthering the interests of the local community. 

The relationships that Westridge has established over the years allows Westridge to carefully select the best subcontractor for each project in order to ensure the most successful outcome according to the client’s needs. Furthermore, confidence in these relationships ensures that Westridge can be certain that we have put together the strongest and most qualified team possible to take on each project.

Westridge selects subcontractors for each project based on the subcontractor’s ability to complete their work in a time-effective and cost-efficient manner, as well as the overall quality of their work. Financial strength, safety-orientation, and overall performance ratings are all factors in the decision-making process.