General Contracting

Westridge’s General Contracting services are well known in Saskatchewan. As a General Contractor, we work closely with our clients to bring projects to a successful completion. 

Our objective is to complete projects ahead of schedule and on budget, while keeping a high standard of quality. 

Under the General Contracting services, Westridge is responsible for providing all of the material, labour, equipment and services necessary for the construction of your project. 

Westridge will coordinate closely with subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work.

Construction Management

Some of the most important work on any construction project happens long before you break ground. In Construction Management, Westridge works with the design team right from the design phase to the completion of the project. 

When Westridge participates in the pre-construction services, clients receive valuable input. Pre-construction services include attending project meetings, evaluating project constructibility options, planning, estimating and scheduling. Westridge will advise on current market conditions to make suggestions, evaluate material options and offer advice to the project team. We will study the pros and cons of pre-ordering certain long lead materials and equipment, along with the associated risks/rewards as they relate to maintaining budget and schedule. Westridge will draw on past experience and local market expertise to provide valuable pre-construction services. 

Westridge’s motto, building with teamwork, applies not only to internal relationships amongst Westridge staff, but to client, consultant, and subcontractor relationships as well. Emphasizing positive, team-oriented relationships is a vital force in providing successful outcomes for each project that Westridge takes on.

Design - Build

Westridge Construction proudly provides quality assurance to its clients and owners through its Design-Build approach to construction.  Design-Build assures cost-effective and high quality results delivered in a time-efficient manner to clients because it incorporates several stages of the construction process. Westridge welcomes the challenges associated with accepting the responsibility for a project, including budget and time-related risks.

Design-Build allows Westridge to merge the design and execution of a project, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective delivery of the project. In ensuring a project’s success through Design-Build, Westridge links the client’s objectives relating to cost, quality, and time with the necessary means and materials required to do so.

Westridge works hard to preserve strong professional relationships with local consultants. By fostering these positive relationship with consultants, Westridge is well-equipped to choose the most suitable consultant for each project. Under the Design-Build system, these relationships are vital to the successful outcome of every project.