Westridge constructed the Raw Water Supply System Intake Pumping Station for the City of Saskatoon. The project involved the installation and removal of a 75,000 cu.m. earth coffer dam for an in-river intake structure and pumping station that was built on an existing river spur. A bentonite slurry cut-off wall was installed in the middle of the coffer dam berm with a 100% seal achieved. The scope of work included earthworks for the access roads and build-up of the existing deflection spur, a 10m deep concrete pump station substructure requiring 6,500 cubic meters of concrete, a 30.65m x 20.65m steel and masonry pump station building, and an adjacent concrete valve chamber. Westridge also purchased and installed all of the major pre-selected equipment including the intake screen system, raw water pumps, slide gates, VFD’s and a natural gas generator. Westridge provided value engineering to facilitate cost-saving suggestions, allowing the project to proceed within the original budget constraints.

Client Name:
City of Saskatoon

Associated Engineering (Sask) Ltd.

Delivery Method:
Bid / Build

Project Value:
$30.9 M.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Project Type: