This project consists of four major components:

Summer and Winter Intake 

Both summer and winter raw water intakes are made of 800 mm HDPE Pipe. The first, which is situated approximately 200 m from the wet well to the lake, required a major excavation for the buried portion of the pipe. A coffer dam was required and installed for the purpose of making the pipe connection between the buried and lake sections of pipe. Due to the tightness of the project schedule, the coffer dam was required to be installed in February/March of 2014 through over one meter of ice - a first for Westridge. This coffer dam required approximately 20,000 m3 of earth; after the work was complete, the earth was removed in September 2014. The dual in-ground intake pipes connected to over 1 kilometer of pipe that was installed by divers in open water. This pipe was first fused together in 350 m lengths on land. Concrete weights were installed, and the pipe was then floated out into the lake with a barge and boats. After final positioning, the pipe was sunk to its final resting place and joined to the in-ground pipes, which were connected to the Pump House wet well.

Zelma Pump House 

A 715 m2  building that is constructed of metal-clad masonry walls and a wood-framed roof. This building has a 9.3 m deep wet well that has 1 valve chamber, 2 intake chambers, and 3 pump chambers which hold water. The exterior and dividing walls of these chambers are 600 mm thick, and they took approximately 1,200 m3 of concrete to construct. This building houses eight large pumps and is the starting point for the water pipe line that delivers water to the BHPB Jansen Mine almost 80 km away.

Booster Pump Station

The Booster Pump Station in Lanigan is a 336 m2 building that is constructed of metal-clad masonry walls and a wood-framed roof. Its main purpose is to house two large pumps that help push the water the rest of the way to the mine.

Meter Building

The meter building is a 90 m2 building where the water is metered and controlled. This building is a complete wood framed structure with metal cladding on the exterior.

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Zelma Lake, Saskatchewan